JOHN O'GAFLA: “A corpulent, ginger-haired Englishman who was employed by The World Chronicle [WC] to play God over The Africa Thought as disseminated in two thousand-and-thirteen weekly editions of The Africa Picture [No Spitting!]”- Something To Write Home About. He edits the primeval African journal for nearly half a century, from the eve of World War II till he attains the status of The Man Who Has Written Africa More Times Than Any Human Alive. He is introduced to Yunhouse by Big Mnama where he is resident till his appointment as full-time journalist. He has a glorious career that earns him knighthood from the English Crown as well as recognition as the Number One Africanist.  He is the founder member of the first ever batch of The Africa Correspondents, an informal pints gang of real ale enthusiasts in Fleet Street which metamorphoses into The Africa Adventurers Club. He dreams of the amalgamation of Yunhouse with The Adventurers. A daunting task, given the fact that Sir John personifies the Yunhouse/Adventurers divide when, as resident of Yunhouse, he could not bring himself to voice the Yunhouse war cry: We shall never be pacified


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