MNAMA KEMP: Known throughout his life as Big Mnama.  He was a cute looking toddler spotted on the lawns of a Colonial State House by an English aristocrat visiting his cousin, the Governor General. Mnama was adopted by gubernatorial fiat. He is given everything his foster father could give, including a ring with the family heraldic crest. He attends famous English public school, followed by  Oxford University, where he rounds up his natural history studies with a thesis on The Life Of The Mosquito. He meets Cy on the campus of London University where he is researching the confirmation of what a study of mosquitoes had taught him as a formula for interpreting nature in action, namely: In every death, there is a new life, and vice versa. He has a six-foot-six persona that enchants many around him. He speaks very little, even at The Berliner Cult meetings. No one is certain if he ever uttered We shall never be pacified!. But he finds The Berliners to be good for a laugh. And he tells his father so. His father confirms that it was unfair for The Berliners to be evicted from their Camden Town flat simply because they enjoy good laughs at their meetings. Lord Kemp wills his Hampstead estate to Big Mnama and his fellow Berliners. The will is challenged by Big Mnama's niece, and The First Battle For Yunhouse ensues. Also, Lord Kemp's death induces a crisis for the English constitution: could Big Mnama inherit his father's aristocratic title or not?


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