OGESAYI MAWE: Fellow Berliners fondly call him My-Way, a pet name he acquired when, at the first Berliner Cult initiation rites, he pledges to dedicate his legal studies to bringing Colonialism to book. Internationally, he is The Scourge Of Colonialism, being the only Berliner Cult Member who survives colonialism's firing power to become the first president of his liberated country. He made Yunism an ideological brand worldwide.


Mawe's dream project is for his country to grow enough kola nuts to dominate the world stimulant market. The tea and coffee lobby of Europe and America not only shoot down his dream but had him overthrown by his own army. He is marooned in a remote and unknown Pacific Island from where he writes widely publicised stinkers to all those who betray Africa. Hence the legend of The One And Only Wandering President whose shadow continues to loom large in Youhouse.


Mawe returns to Yunhouse shortly before Lekwot Abaka's death. He successfully leads the campaign (The Second Battle For Yunhouse)  against the amalgamation of Yunhouse  with rival establishment of The Africa Adventurers Club


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