• CYRIL  NAIKULE: Cy [mostly pronounced see-why otherwise sii-wai] as he is known to everyone in Yunho... Read More
  • LEKWOT ABAKA: Uncle Lekwot to all Yunis and every person who has anything to do with Yunhouse.   Als... Read More
  • OGESAYI MAWE: Fellow Berliners fondly call him My-Way, a pet name he acquired when, at the first Ber... Read More
  • MNAMA KEMP: Known throughout his life as Big Mnama.  He was a cute looking toddler spotted on the la... Read More
  • The Africa Picture [No Spitting!]: This first ever pan-Africa news magazine is launched in the secon... Read More
  • JOHN O'GAFLA: “A corpulent, ginger-haired Englishman who was employed by The World Chronicle... Read More
  • THE AFRICA ADVENTURERS CLUB: Members of T the Adventurers Club do not call themselves Africanists. B... Read More
  • AFC - AFRICA FREEDOM COUNCIL: A political movement that germinates from a public lecture by a Cambri... Read More
  • SIR EMMANUEL NKUNGONO: A talented church organist who is sponsored by the missionaries to study musi... Read More
  • PROFESSOR DONATUS  DO-REMI: An African social scientist whose incessant writings on Africa is syndic... Read More
  • BERYL FAIRBANKS: The devoted Yunhouse Secretary whom everyone knows but who hardly talks to anyone.... Read More
  • PALAVER HALL: Here, discussion on any subject can be slated - as long as it is about The Africa. Ses... Read More
  • YUNTOK:  Also Yun-talk. Or Yunhouse talk. “The figure of thoughts about The Africa. Not really a cha... Read More
  • AFRINC: A Purpose-built African Computer_Designed And Used Exclusively By Non-Africans Read More

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