1884 Debate No: 1

Whither African Freedom?

EACH AND EVERY African country has a national day. In the beginning National Days were full of pomp and pageantry, and leaders would beat their chests and wax lyrical about national pride. But it is all subdued now. National Days are still pub... Continue Reading >>>

1884 Debate No: 1

Africa must unite

Public Lecture Delivered in Accra to Mark Ghana's Fortieth Independence Day

By: Mwalimu Julius K Nyerere

FORTY YEARS AGO the people of Ghana celebrated the raising of the flag of their independence for the first time. Throughout Africa people celebrated - in solidarity with Ghana but also for themselves. For the liberation of Africa was a single struggle with many fronts.   Ghana' s in... Continue Reading >>>

1884 Debate No: 1

Mother of Africa's National Days

On 6 March 1997 - Ghana's National Day, an earth tremor shook the Ghanaian capital of Accra Or, was it Kwame Nkrumah turning in his grave? Yunhouse Author Ad'Obe Obe was at the 40th Anniversary Celebration of The Flagship Nation of African Independence

FORTY YEARS AGO, when Ghana became the first black African nation to attain independence, Black peoples within and outside Africa felt and celebrated the occasion as a milestone in global Black Consciousness. But many who remember the occasion would be disappointed to know that the psychologicall... Continue Reading >>>

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