The Yunhouse Story

In the year 1884, in the German City of Berlin, representatives of major European nations gathered around a giant map of the continent of Africa for the biggest imperialistic banquet in the history of mankind. Slices of the Dark Continent were served out to satisfy imperial hunger for territories – The Scramble For Africa – that had reached fever pitch.

There is no record of any Africans’ presence at the Berlin Conference. Nor any evidence that Africans were ever informed or knew about the meeting. In fact, Africans got to know about the carve-up of their continent when Europeans turned up on their homelands with all manner of ploys to assert and claim the territorial possessions as apportioned in Berlin. The process was called The Pacification Of The Natives.

Yunhouse is founded by Africans whose personal experience of The Pacification Of The Natives is the Europeanisation of their minds through European education. Foundation inhabitants of Yunhouse identify themselves as a generation of Africans born within blood

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From the Book

Dreaming Yunhouse

I began dreaming of Yunhouse from the moment of my arrival in Europe in the middle of the last century. It was a dream that would afflict ...Read More

About the Author

Ad’Obe Obe has been resident in London since the Easter of 1974. He studied chemical engineering in Germany and philosophy in London. ...Read More

Yunhouse Characters

Cy [mostly pronounced see-why otherwise sii-wai] as he is known to everyone in Yunhouse, is named after a Welshman who was a guest at his naming ...Read More

Mother Africa

THE 20 CENTURY was drawing to a close when the press release came: “All Humans On Planet Earth Are Descended From An African Woman” ...Read More


1884 Debate No: 1

Whither African Freedom?

EACH AND EVERY African country has a national day. In the beginning National Days were full of pomp and pageantry, and leaders would beat their chests and wax lyrical about national pride. But it is all subdued now. National Days are still public holidays, maybe parade, maybe broadcast by the leader. And you don’t need an opinion poll to determine that the majority of the population do not connect National Day with the momentous occasion w... Continue Reading >>>

Yuntale - No: 1

The Berliner Cult

THE BERLINER CULT was a secret one in the strictest sense, said Uncle Lekwot. There were no agendas to the meetings, the need to take minutes was never considered. 'We'd meet, we'd talk out our souls, we'd cry out our hearts, we'd laugh our stomachs off, and we'd go - in the name of Africa'. Even The Africa was a privatised secret, it became so when We Shall Never Be Pacified was adopted as the oath of allegiance. They swore to belong to each other, they shared the meaning of the oath, but the exact words were individual secrets deliberately lock... ...Read full tale